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Gorgeous Flamingo

Uncompromising respect.

1. Gorgeous Flamingo

Kannan x Campo Flamingo

°2016 Gelding

Ramatuelle van Quadros

Grand Prix are the goal.

2. Ramatuelle van Quadros

Don't Touch Tiji Hero x Comme Il Faut

°2017 Mare

Quinta D

A mare for pleasure.

3. Quinta D

Cornet's Prinz x Calido I

°2016 Mare

Bamaka des Sequoias Z

A dream mare.

4. Bamaka des Sequoias Z

Bamako de Muze x Balou du Rouet

°2017 Mare

Koncerto DB

The ultimate amateur horse.

5. Koncerto DB

Dieux Merci van T&L x Nabab de Rêve

°2016 Gelding

Extra Class

An aspiring competitor

6. Extra Class

Excentriek x Cardento VDL

°2017 Mare

Charlie Be Good Z

Great class!

7. Charlie Be Good Z

Cornet Obolensky x Chipendale Z

°2016 Stallion

Clay Boy

Grand Prix is a family affair!

8. Clay Boy

Cornet Obolensky x Casall

°2016 Gelding

Quintus van het Bokt

Chic combined with quality.

9. Quintus van het Bokt

Quint vh Marloo Z x Polygraf

°2016 Stallion


A dream mare.

10. Queen

Kannan x Conterno Grande

°2016 Mare

Ferdinand de Chamant

For the pleasure of sport

11. Ferdinand de Chamant

Kannan x Capital

°2015 Gelding


The fashionable horse!

12. Cooper

Comme Il Faut x Cassini II

°2017 Gelding

Cadence de Hus Z

For a bright future.

13. Cadence de Hus Z

Cicero Z van Paemel x Ugobak des Baleines

°2017 Mare

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